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The ZH2GH service is a simple service that moves the issues in a GitHub project based on the movements of a ZenHub Project. It is esesential to configure a ZenHub Integration with a Governify webhook to enable change detection within the service.

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Set Up

We will use this example:

  • Our organization domain
  • Example GH repository: bluejay-psg2-23-24
  • Example organization: gii-psg2-2324
  • Example GH account: governify.auditor (admin of gii-psg2-2324)

1. Create a GitHub repository and ZenHub workspace


The organization of the ZenHub workspace MUST have a ZenHub license or premium to use webhook integration.

2. Configure projects

In both the GH project and ZH workspace configure the same names in the columns. In our case: Todo, In Progress, In Review and Done.

gh project

3. Create a Integration in ZenHub

Go to ZenHub and click on Account Managment then Integrations

zh integration

Then create an integration with this parameters:

new ZenHub integration

Using the service


Issues must be linked to the GH project and linked to ZH workspace

Now you can change issues at ZenHub and it will change the GitHub project:

Alt text