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The director service is a simple standalone service that execute a set of tasks periodically based on configuration. The tasks are defined in a JS file and the interval configuration is defined in JSON, both files must have the same name and be stored under /public/director folder of the assets manager.

Having created the JS and JSON files in assets manager, when the task is created in director it will request the the script to the assets manager for every execution. Once a task is created in director, it may be running or stopped, if it is running it will be executed periodically based on the interval configuration. The following state diagram shows the possible states of a task:


Director tasks are created based on the script stored in the assets manager. However, the tasks are actually JSON files with the following structure

"id": "taskId",
"script": "scriptURL",
"running": true,
"config": {
"agreementId": "agreementId",
"init": "UTC date",
"end": "UTC date",
"interval": 3600000

The id field identifies the task, whereas the script determines which JS script from the assets manager will be executed when interval is reached. The init field sets the initial date of the task and the end sets the date for its automatic deletion. The config field is an object that is passed to the API when creating the task, it must not be mistaken with the JSON configuration file stored in the assets manager along with the JS script. This JSON file determines the init, end and interval fields of the task.


Scripts are Node.JS modules that export a function called main. The function takes the configuration object as parameter and return a string with the result of the execution. The following example shows a simple script that returns the content of some JSON API.

"use strict";

const axios = require("axios");

module.exports.main = (config) => {
const requestURL = 'someURL';
return JSON.stringify(await axios.get(requestURL));


The director service exposes the following API:

GET/api/v1/tasksReturns the list of tasks
GET/api/v1/tasks/{id}Returns the task
POST/api/v1/tasksCreates a new task
PUT/api/v1/tasks/{id}Updates the task
DELETE/api/v1/tasks/{id}Deletes the task
GET/api/v1/tasks/{id}/statusReturns the task status
PUT/api/v1/tasks/{id}/runRuns the task